Days of the Week

Days of the Week

The days of the week are an important indicator of time that children should understand. As soon as they start going to school, their study becomes an important task. Knowing the days of the week helps to organize the schedule and be aware of when certain events will occur, for example, an excursion to school or an important exam.

It is very important to teach kids how the days of the week are used. There are a few days when most people go to work, to school or on weekdays, and then other free days when people are most likely to relax, engage in active outdoor activities, such as going to the park or cinema, which usually happens on weekends. This information helps kids begin to understand what time is and how important it is to follow an organized schedule that will allow them not only to study, but also to play and have a good time with friends!

In order to teach your kids the days of the week, it is really useful to follow the daily routine. By establishing daily habits and routines, such as brushing their teeth every evening, cleaning their rooms daily, or going to the park on weekends, children feel they are in better control of their lives. This sense of control makes toddlers more relaxed and compliant at home as well as at school, as they know what to expect from daily activities and begin to plan ahead how to cope with it.

Here on the site you will find some useful tips that will help kids easily and fun to learn the days of the week.